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    "Henrik fick oss verkligen att höja blicken i vår dagliga kundkontakt."

    Peter Kindborg
    Aberdeen Property Investors

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Mannerstråle and Associates AB; English

Founded in 2010, Mannerstråle and Associates AB is the brainchild of CEO Henrik Mannerstråle. We offer you and your company consulting, seminars and lectures based on 30 years worth of knowledge and experience in sales and business development.

I cater to you who are in the field of coaching, consultancy or running a smaller business and would like to:

  • Increase your customer base
  • Expand your business
  • Work with easy-to-use tools
  • Increase profitability

As a prospective client you might also be an Executive Director, Sales Manager, Account Manager or a seller and you would like to get:

  • Better Lead Generation
  • Better List Conversion
  • Increase the hit rate in the proposal process

I offer :

  • Sales coaching
  • How-to on capturing and retaining customers/clients
  • Support in Bid Management
  • Tools for Account Management
  • Mentorship

I also offer lectures and seminars focusing on how to create energy in your sales team, how to refine and retain customer focus and how to create better and more straight-forward communication with your customers or clients. Examples of topics: Account Management, capturing and keeping the attention of your prospective and existent clients, business communication and the use of social media.

Contact me by phone or e-mail for more information!


Phone: +46 (0)768426626

About me

I have worked in sales for more than 30 years and during those years some lessons have been more essential than others. If I were to choose three definitive concepts of success they would be:

  • Packaging: package products and services to make them easily available to your customer. The customer should easily understand what needs the offer fulfils. At KM-gruppen and ICL Financial Systems I have seen this successfully at work first hand.
  • Efficient management of bigger-scale-clients, Account Management. I learned this at ICL Financial Systems and applied it at Cap Gemini and Tieto with great success. It is easier to sell more to an existing client than to new ones.
  • Client/customer focus: putting the customer/client first. To find out where the customer/client is going and to meet them there.

Henrik has devoted his whole career to business development and sales. He has had the privilege of working in Swedish, Finnish, French, English and US based companies. Experience from such companies as Data General, Cap Gemini, Teletronix and Tieto has given Henrik an in-depth understanding of the importance customer focus, a knowledge that he now is dedicated to sharing to bring about extraordinary results for his clients.

Henrik is also a dedicated practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), mainly using it in his own communication but also as a mentor or coach for sales training. He also practises TaiChi Quan, an ancient Chinese martial art related to QiGong and is a proud grandpa. He lives in Stockholm and enjoys the company of his three grown kids as often as he can.

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